• You do not need to a dentist if you use Our mouthwashes

    Our products totally handle your teeth healthy.  

    You do not need to a dentist if you use Our mouthwashes

Ministry of Health License

Behsaman has all govermental documents that let to produceg let to produce with permision of Iraniani FDO.

Establishing a factory in accordance with the principles of GMP

Behsaman founded at 2011in a one of industrial zones of varamin(mola aghaee)Factory biult with all GMP aspect,and a modern labratory divises at2014.

Fast conection with us:

Fast conection with us:
+98 912 325 6053

Behsaman Love your kids

Our wishes are healts of your kids, so we produce a banch of productes that encurage your kids to use.

Introduction of Bahsaman Darman Parsian Co.

Behsaman company was stablished at 2011 with goal of producing the hygenic products of mouth & teath.We try to prepaire products basis on all roule of GMP, good quality and comparable on world market. We started with moutwash but now we have 17  products .

Behsaman darman parsian products:


Behsaman darman parsian products:
7 diffrent kinds of mouth wash
4 diffrent tast of dental floss
5 diffrent perpues of tooth past
2 diffrent tast kids tooth past
2 diffrent kind of nail polish remove.

Goals of Behsaman company:


     This company love to conect to world market, ofcours we know that we should have a huge quntity of products,and a banch of good qulity of personal and good quality of machinary.    
After that things we could hope to have satisfide customer and hope to future.

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfaction of the customers is the goal of the company to treat Parsian,And are directly ready to receive any comments and suggestions

 Direct connection:+989123256053




Bahsaman Therapy Corp. is a manufacturer of 7 mouthwashes With Mark Plastrin...

Tooth past

Tooth past5  kinds of tooth past with plastrin brand....

Dental floss

Dental floss4 diffrent tast with plastrin brand...

Nail polish remover

Diffrent kinds of nail polish remover with plastrin brand  ...

تجربیات و تخصص

Our strategy
This days many thing is diffrent from it was yesterday.
We try to produce a best quality with best price.
Our second strategy

We think about world market. So we try to produce what costumer need with best price

Our third strategy

We try to increase the efficency of production by increas quality of machines(mechanisation)

Our Fourth Strategy

Infact the customer is in the main part of the markey chain. So we try to make customer satisfide by the best product with best price

Contact with us

Factory address

No.1,Shahid Molla Aghayi Industrial Park,Varamin ,Tehran

Tel: (+98 21)36213706

Fax: (+98 21)36213707

Mobile: +989123256053

Web site: www.behsaman-dp.co.ir

Email: info@behsaman-dp.co.ir


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